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Bar Chats

Just the guys. Maybe it's something in the news; maybe it's just something we found interesting. Tune in for a casual, shorter episode. Hell, you might even learn something.

PlayStation 5 Scalpers Face Jail Time?

In November 2020 Sony launched its highly anticipated PlayStation 5. Immediately, online bots were deployed to buy them all up. Those controlling those bots were able to control the supply of the console and sell them at exuberant mark-ups. 
But did those scalpers commit a crime? Or was it just smart capitalism? Join Cash Only as they break down retail scalping and its effects.

Deutsche Bank and Jeffrey Epstein

In today's episode, Joules and Conner discuss Deutsche Bank and their recent fine for mismanaging their relationship with convicted felon Jeffrey Epstein.

Economic Impact of the Coronavirus

Today, the fellas sit down and chat about COVID-19 (AKA the Coronavirus) and the effects it has been having on the global economy. Is this the end of cash as we know it? Tune in to find out!

Ethereum and North Korea

Conner and Joules discuss Ethereum's crypto technology being presented in North Korea as part of a conference to launder cryptocurrency. Surprise guest appearance from former guest Grace Liu!

Venezuela and P2P

In our first Bar Chat, Joules and Conner take a look at Venezuela, and how its citizens - and its government - are finding workarounds to US and international sanctions


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